Choosing new curtains can be quite a daunting task, especially if you’ve grown used to the curtains you currently have. When it comes to picking out new curtains, there are so many things to consider. Colors, patterns, styles – the list seems endless. And then there’s the task of matching the curtains to the decor throughout the room…

So what is the best way to go about selecting new curtains? Here are a few tips to simplify the curtain selection process from the design experts at Curtain & Carpet Concepts.

Consider Functionality

When it comes to choosing curtains, consider functionality first and foremost. Do you want curtains solely for decorative purposes or are you hoping they will darken the room? Are you using them for privacy or insulation? Are you looking for curtains that can withstand some wear and tear or are you planning to replace the curtains in the near future? How you want the curtains to function will help you to determine which curtain style and fabric to choose.

Consider Your Budget

Establish a price range for purchasing new curtains and stick to it. This will help you to narrow your options a bit and help you to feel less overwhelmed by all of the curtain choices you are presented with. It may also help you to decide whether or not custom curtains are a possibility or if you should stick to considering ready-to-hang options.

Consider Fabric Options

Curtains and window treatments come in a vast variety of fabrics so considering what type of fabric you would prefer is a good preliminary step. For instance, if you need something washable, your fabric options will be somewhat limited and choices like silk or velvet, which are often dry-clean only, will be eliminated.

Consider Color

Decide whether you’d like the curtains to blend in with the decor throughout the room or if you’d rather they add a little pop of color. Whether you’re trying to match or complement an existing rug or piece of furniture, bring a sample with you when you’re shopping for curtains or bring curtain samples home so you can compare the colors side by side.

Consider Patterns

If you’re looking for curtains for a room that contains patterned furniture, bedding or carpeting, it’s often a good idea to stick to solid color curtains. Solid color furniture, bedding and rugs, however, are often nicely complemented by curtains featuring prints or patterns. When it comes to choosing a pattern, decide whether you want a small, somewhat neutral print or something a bit bolder. Working with a design consultant can be incredibly helpful when it comes to making this decision!

Curtains are a key design element within a room and choosing new curtains can give you the chance to create an entirely new feel. Carefully considering functionality, budget, fabric options, colors and patterns can help to make the curtain selection process a bit easier.

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